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Zoltan Senczyszyn und Susanne Svendsen wins den Powerman Germany 2014.

For very harsh weather conditions Susanne Svendsen won to 2 times the Powerman Germany. The Cottbus Zoltan Senczyszyn fought his way to victory in the men’s Long Distance.

Winner Powerman Germany 2014

This year, the weather, the athletes and the entire organizing team put to the hardest test in the 22-year history of the Duathlon in Falkenstein. Low temperatures and heavy rain forced 50% of the participants on the long distance to the task. Such a decimated field finisher of my knowledge there was only once in the 90 years at the Allgäu Triathlon.
Allen is an extraordinary occurred athletes deserve respect!
More remarkable were the results of our German athletes who dominated the two distances this year.

Cold and wet it was at the weekend in Falkenstein, as the Powerman Germany DTU German Championships 2014 Duathlon were discharged via the sprint and long distance. Unfazed by the bad weather was Matthias Graute (Cologne), located in Cottbus now also won with his victory in Falkenstein the German championship title on the sprint distance after the victory over the short-distance duathlon two weeks ago. In the women’s Caroline Mortier (Grassau) prevailed over the same distance against Anna Lamb (Dresden) and local hero Ulrike Schwalbe (Kulmbach).

Even on the long-distance many athletes braved the rain. At the end of the favorites were, as expected, prevail. The Cottbus Zoltan Senczyszyn won in 3:23:03 hours not only the DM title over the long-distance, but also the Powerman Duathlon World Cup. Second was Michael Wetzel, acting bronze medalist of Zofingen, in front of his teammates from the AST Sweet, Marcus Büchler.

The Women’s Appreciation of POWERMAN Germany won Susanne Svendsen (DEN) in 4:03:00 hours. Second, and for the first time German Champion in the Duathlon Long Distance was the Munich-born Dr. Katrin Esefeld, the same was thus the winner of the German physicians and pharmacists Championship. Second, the DM rating was Celia Kuch (Weinheim) before Angelika Alt (Maxdorf).

Mans Powerman Germany
1. Zoltan Senczyszyn (GER) 3:23:03
2. Michael Wetzel (GER) 3:25:34
3. Marcus Büchler (GER) 3:26:59
4. Philipp Heisch (GER) 3:29:28
5. Sebastian Retzlaff (GER) 3:33:58
6. Christian Flegel (GER) 3:35:24
Womens Powerman Germany
1. Susanne Svendsen (DEN) 4:03:00
2. Kathrin Esefeld (GER) 4:11:08
3. Celia Kuch (GER) 4:12:44
4. Maja Jakober (SUI) 4:21:57
5. Angelika Alt (GER) 4:32:47
6. Sandra Fischer-Paul (GER) 4:33:56

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On the part of the DTU President Dr. Martin Engelhardt had traveled to Falkenstein. This took the opportunity to make the award ceremony of the new German champion himself personally.

On Saturday the young in Falkenstein had gone to the start. Nearly 70 children and young people took part in much better weather on ‘PowerKids Duathlon,’ as many as never before.

Already in two weeks is the next duathlon highlight for twelve German elite and age group athletes on the program. Then place in the Spanish Pontevedra from 31.5.-6.1.2014, the ITU Duathlon World Championships on the short-distance instead of, among others, the two-time German champion Matthias Graute.

Mans: DM Duathlon-SPRINT 2014 (5-20-2,5 Km)

1. Matthias Graute (KTT01) in 1:05:09 Std
2. Tobias Tesch (SV Hellas 1923)
3. Robin Duha (SG Adelsberg)

1. Caroline Mortier (SG Katek Grassau) in 1:14:36 Std
2. Anna Lamm (TV Dresden)
3. Ulrike Schwalbe (ATS Kulmbach)

Results Mans: DM Duathlon-LANG 2014 (16-64-8 Km)

1. Zoltan Senczyszyn (TSV Cottbus) in 3:23:03 Std
2. Michael Wetzel (AST Süßen)
3. Marcus Büchler (AST Süßen)

1. Dr. Katrin Esefeld (LG Mettenheim) in 4:11:08 Std
2. Celia Kuch (RSG Weinheim)
3. Angelika Alt (TSG Maxdorf)

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Powerman Germany 2014 & German Championship 2014 (Long Distance Duathlon & Sprint)

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