Results 2013

On grounds of the extreme weather relations no riding a bike could be carried out. In the height positions of hills a snowy mush layer on the streets, at temperatures formed around the 0.5°C. Both run parts were graduated in a run.
The decision were carried by the athletes with and were greeted. The German championship evaluation about the long distance and Sprint distance was cancelled. All the other evaluations became, as planned carried out.

Snow and temperatures between 0.5°C and 2°C canceled bike part!

The Powerman Germany in 2013 could be carried out only as a run more than 24 kms about the long distance and 7.5 kms about the sprint distance.
The German championship about the long distance and the première of the German championship about the sprint distance fell victim to the extreme weather conditions and snowfalls. The organizer’s team hopes for new editions of this Duathlon of format in Falkenstein in 2014.
Andy Sutz (SUI) won in the final spurt Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) before.

Winners Mens

Winners Mens Powerman Germany 2013

Winner Women

Womens run Julia Viellehner (GER) won clearly with more than 4 minuten before Susanne Svendsen (DEN)

Winner women Powerman Germany 2013

Fotos: Petko Beier

Mans Powerman Germany (24 Km run)
1. Andy Sutz (SUI) 1:17:26
2. Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) 1:17:34
3. Daniel Rockoff (GER) 1:18:32
4. Pieter Rijnders (BEL) 1:18:41
5. Christian Strauch (GER) 1:18:42
6. Andre Moser (SUI) 1:18:42
7. Soeren Bystrup (DEN) 1:19:31
8. Julen Larruzea (ESP) 1:21:03
9. Christian Flegel (GER) 1:21:07
10. Andreas Sperber (GER) 1:21:15
Womens Powerman Germany (24 Km run)
1. Julia Viellehner (GER) 1:25:33
2. Susanne Svendsen (DEN) 1:29:59
3. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 1:31:52
4. Kathrin Bogen (GER) 1:33:09
5. Birgit Jacobi (GER) 1:34:28
6. Susanne Hafner (GER) 1:36:33
7. Jacqueline Uebelhart (SUI) 1:39:50
8. Sandra Fischer-Paul (GER) 1:40:11
9. Ruth Wolf (GER) 1:41:18
10. Bettina Haas (GER) 1:42:53

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