Outstanding Winners 2011 at Zofingen

23. Powerman Duathlon World Championships Zofingen

Melanie Burke (NZL) and Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) are winning
The winners of the 23rd Powerman Zofingen are Melanie Burke from New Zealand and Joerie Vansteelant from Belgium. The star of the weekend is Joerie Vansteelant, who won in Zofingen, where after a break of twelve years the Powerman was held as ITU (International Triathlon Union) Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships. The 29-year-old Belgium improved his own track record from 2009 by 4 minutes and 20 seconds. Talking about the Swiss performence: Best was Andy Sutz in 3rd place. At the Powerman Zofingen 2011 there were over all 1‘300 athletes taking part over the whole weekend. This is the best result since the year 2000.
The 23rd Powerman Zofingen will be remembered as a good one. After a break of twelve years the ITU (International Triathlon Union) Powerman Long Distance Duathlon World Championships gave a comeback. Generaly in the last nine years there were no common world championships of the ITU and the IPA (International Powerman Association). This taking place under ideal circumstances (20 degrees, cloudy, some rain at the end, but heavy rain after having finished the top-twenty athletes) für all the top-athletes. As if the athletes would have smelt this change of the weather, they speeded up after the first 10 running kilometers.
men ( 10 km running, 150 km bike, 30 km running)
1. Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) 6:07.15,3 *new track record
2. Thibaut Humbert (FRA) 6:16.58,3
3. Andy Sutz (SUI) 6:18.28,9
4. Beat Ritter (SUI) 6:26.46,8
5. Soren Bystrup (DEN) 6:27.17,5
6. Anthony Le Duey (FRA) 6:27.50,6
7. Matt Moorhouse (GBR) 6:29.48,7
8. Peter Bech (DEN) 6:30.15,1
9. Marc Widmer (SUI) 6:36.53,7
10. Stefan Wrzaczek (AUT) 6:37.27,6

women (10 km Laufen, 150 km Rad, 30 km Lauf)
1. Melanie Burke (NZL) 7:11.43,6
2. Eva Nyström (SWE) 7:15.10,9
3. Erika Csomor (HUN) 7:22.42,2
4. May Kerstens (NED) 7:27.26,4
5. Ulrike Schwalbe (GER) 7:38.41,2
6. Karin Gerber (SUI) 7:39.44,7
7. Tanya Diem (SUI) 7:42.47,8
8. Jacqueline Uebelhart (SUI) 7:45.00,1
9. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 7:45.19,2
10. Maja Jacober (SUI) 7:51.12,6
overall results: