The Winner of Powerman Germany 2011

2011 Powerman Germany: Andy Sutz (SUI) and Ulrike Schwalbe (GER)

This weekend Germany’s best duathletes lined up for the German Duathlon Championship Long Distance.
Powerman Germany 2011 Winner Andy Sutz Powerman Germany 2011 Winner Ulrike Schwalbe

Men’s Race

The race started in the sports stadium of Falkenstein at 10:11 with around 300 participants. Peter Bech (DEN) immediately took the lead in the first run of 16km which includes a steep hill and left Transion area after 51:56. Just behind him formed a group including all the favourites for the podium, Andy Sutz (SUI), Matt Moorhouse (GBR), Wim Nieuwkerk (NED) and Michael Wetzel (GER). Michael Wetzel surprised everybody by leaving Transition third in 53:27.
Peter Bech howevenr had pushed too hard on the first run and suffered cramps on the bike. Andy Sutz and Matt Moorhouse showed their strength on the bike and took the lead with Wim Nieuwkerk (HOL) performing well to finish the bike in third place, after the 64km of rolling hills plus one particularly steep climb. Powerman Germany really offers every participant one of the most challenging courses in the Powerman World Series.
There were no changes in position during the final run, leaving a top three of Sutz, Moorhouse and Nieuwkerk.

Ladies Race

For a long time it looked like Susanne Svendsen would secure her first Powerman victory. She came into transition first with a lead of over a minute. Than came Ulrike Schwalbe (GER), Kristina Lapinova (SVK) and Jacqueline Uebelhart (SUI) in positions 2-4. Unfortunately Susanne Svendson had to stop her race because of severe asthm aproblems.
On the bike Jacqueline Uebelhart managed to close the two min deficit from the run to Ulrike Schwalbe (GER), but on the last run Schwalbe was able to pull away, finishing first in 3:41:10 and Uebelhart just over two minutes later. For third placed Kristina Lapinova, just like Wim Nieuwkerk in the men’s race, it was her first Powerman podium finish.
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1. Andy Sutz (SUI) 3:11:48
2. Matt Moorhouse (GBR) 3:13:35
3. Win Neuwkerk (NED) 3:15:28
4. Peter Bech (DEN) 3:18:09
5. Michael Wetzel (GER) 3:19:13
6. Zoltan Senczyszyn (GER) 3:19:27
7. Markus Thomschke (DEN) 3:19:46
8. Dirk Strothmann (GER) 3:20:43
9. Sebastian Retzlaff (GER) 3:22:03
10. David Vaughan (IRL) 3:22:28
1. Ulrike Schwalbe (GER) 3:41:12
2. Jaqueline Uebelhart (SUI) 3:43:44
3. Kristina Lapinova (SVK) 3:48:12
4. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 3:49:40
5. Marion Hofmann (GER) 4:02:58
6. Alexandra Volz (GER) 4:05:06
7. Antje Strothmann (GER) 4:11:18
8. Sandra Fuchs (AUT) 4:16:56
9. Elfi Rose (GER) 4:18:18
10. Chara Skoulariki (GRE) 4:26:40

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Ulrike Schwalbe and Michael Wetzel wins the International German Championship 2011

German Champion Womens 2011

German Champion Womens 2011 from left to right: Katrin Esefeld, Ulrike Schwalbe, Marion Hoffmann

German Champion Mans 2011

German Champion Mans 2011 from left to right: Zolltan Senczyszyn, Michael Wetzel, Markus Thomschke

German Champions 2011

1. Michael Wetzel (WMF BKK-Team AST Süsen) 3:19:13
2. Zoltan Senczyszyn (TSV Cottbus) 3:19:27
3. Markus Thomschke (OSSV 3:19:46
1. Ulrike Schwalbe (CLV Magware) 3:41:12
2. Katrin Esefeld (Mettenheim) 3:49:40
3. Marion Hofmann (TG Viktoria Augsburg) 4:02:58

German Team Championship 2011

1. LS Solbad Ravensberg 1 11:06:05
2. TSV Cottbus 1 11:08:14
3. SG Adelsberg 1 11:20:58

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Team Results

Powerman Light Winner Women

Women Powerman Light
1. Jana Richter (LATV Plauen) 1:13:15
2. Jana Kurth (SSF Bonn 1905 e.V.) 1:20:02
3. Romy Stotz (Ride or Die) 1:21:13

Powerman Light Winner  Mens

Man Powerman Light
1. Tobias Schmutzler (GEALAN Tri Team ifL Hof 1:04:00
2. Stephan Seidel Tri Team Witten (RC Schloßbiker Greiz) 1:06:07
3. Kai Schönbeck (Stadtwerke-Enrico-Team Reichenbach) 1:06:38

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results Powerman;Powerwomen

results Powerman Light 2011
Ergebnisse Damen und Herren

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