Press Release Powerman Germany 2010

May 30, 2010, Falkenstein Germany

Andy Sutz(SUI) and Ulrike Schwalbe(GER) win 2010 Powerman Germany.
If you wanted to participate in a challenging race this weekend, you had to be at the 2010 Powerman Germany in Falkenstein Germany.
A difficult run route with steep rolling hills, combined with a difficult climb immediately after transition, rain, strong cold wind and in between some sunshine, good organisation and positive, enthusiastic sporty spectators would have been your world this weekend.


Susanne Svendsen (DEN) showed in the first run that she had very good legs today. She and local world class duathlete Ulrike Schwalbe (GER) took the lead in the female race after the first run. Susanne Svendson did a fast transition and started the bike leg 20 seconds before Ulrike Schwalbe and over 3 min ahead of Jacqueline Uebelhart (SUI). Today Jacqueline Uebelhart was the fastest on the bike . It took her 2:11:05 for the 64 km hilly bikecourse. She was able to overtake Susanne Svendsen(GER) and closing the gap between her and Ulrike Schwalbe (GER). Despite shift gear problems Ulrike Schwalbe took the lead in the race on the bike and brought the 2010 Powerman Germany and 2010 National Duathlon Champion victory home.


A very strong male field lined up at the 2010 Powerman Germany start line.
Anyway everybody knew that the Swiss Andy Sutz and the British Matt Moorhouse were the men to beat today.
The top German athletes were also at the start for their 2010 National Duathlon Championship. Several of them wanted to show today that it was their race and that the Germans were the men to beat in Falkenstein.
Daniel Rockoff (GER) came first in transition after a heavy and rainy 16km in 32min. 34sec. with Andy Sutz (SUI) and Matt Moorehouse (GBR) within 10 sec. Soon after them came a long line of duathletes from all over Europe such as David Vaughan (IRL), Boris Stein (GER), Karl Prungraber (AUT), Philippe Linder (SUI) and Esben Kaczmann (DEN).
Matt Moorehouse (GBR) had the fastest bike time of 1:49:52 and came in transition first, closely followed by Andy Sutz (SUI) . The German surprise of the day was Boris Stein with a very strong bike ride (2nd fastest) and second run to finish 3rd in Powerman Germany and to become the 2010 German Long Distance Duathlon Champion.
John Raadschelders

Results Powerman Germany 2010

1. Andy Sutz (SUI) 3:11:47
2. Matt Moorhouse (GBR) 3:11:55
3. Boris Stein (GER) 3:12:50
4. Karl Prungraber) 3:17.16
5. Sebastian Retzlaff (GER) 3:18:43
6. Michael Wetzel (GER) 3:20:20
7. Esben Kaczmaek (DEN) 3:20:57
8. David Vaughan (IRL) 3:21:08
9. Sebastian Kuefner (GER) 3:25:40
10. Dirk Strothmann (GER) 3:23:37
1. Ulrike Schwalbe (GER) 3:48:57
2. Jaqueline Ueberhart (SUI) 3:50:57
3. Susanne Svendson (DEN) 3:51:51
4. Katrin Esefeld (GER) 3:56:59
5. Christine Rausch (GER) 4:02:49
6. Marion Hofmann (GER) 4:03:54
7. Claudia Hille (GER) 4:11:23
8. Anabelle Konczer (AUT) 4:11:57
9. Elfi rose (GER) 4:13:12
10. Antje Strothmann (GER) 4:15:44

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