Powerman News December 13

Powerman News in December

  • Attention! Gremlins in TriMag (Triathlon Magazine # 116 p.48)! The DM Sprint and AK Elite 2104 will take place not in Oberursel but in Falkenstein! This pressure error should be corrected in the meantime.
  • The German Championships of doctors and pharmacists in 2014 on the Duathlon Long Distance and Sprint 2014 will be held in Falkenstein. The Powerman Germany team looks forward to the growth of this championship and cooperation with the Triathlon Association German doctors and pharmacists.
    Deutsche Meisterschaft der Ärzte und Apotheker

  • Powerman Sprint will be a competition for the Saxons Ranking 2014.
  • The authorities rating of the police – the customs and the fire fighter will run under the slogan ‘From what authority is the fastest?’
  • The Praemium beer brand Schneider Weisse cooperates with Powerman Germany in 2014 and is on the event, the athletes and spectators the best supply with wheat beer.
    Schneider Weisse

  • Powerman Training Camp 2014
    CAMP 1: 19 April to 26 April 2014
    CAMP 2: 26 April to 03 May 2014
    if interested please e-mail to info@nb-sports.de oder mail@powerman-germany.org