Powerman Germany supports sports clubs

INTERSPORT Hopfmann promotes Vogtländische sports clubs

To promote Vogtländische sports clubs surprised the organizers of the discharged in May Powerman Duathlon Germany. Subsequently received the clubs with the participation rate great training jackets from the house INTERSPORT HOPFMANN.
The duathlon consisted 800m / 400m running, 5 km / 2,5 km cycling und 400m run.
Were presented the jackets of Franz Hopfmann. First place went to the VSC Klingenthal (pictured), second place went to the SV Grünbach and SC Schoeneck since both had the same number of participants.
On 30 and 31 May 2015 Powerman Germany Duathlon takes place again. The kids will be on May 30 deliver their competitions.

Die Kids des VSC Klingenthal

Die meisten Teilnehmer aus einem Verein Kids des VSC Klingenthal

The Powerman Germany Team and the INTERSPORT HOPFMANN Team