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VANSTEELANT wins his sixth title in Weyer

21. August 2012 – 18:12 | by amerki

Powerman Austria Duathlon 2012

Joerie VANSTEELANT (BEL) demonstrates again his great class. The absent Andy Sutz (SUI) made room on the podium for the runner-up Søren BYSTRUP from Denmark. Anthony LE DUEY (FRA) followed on rank three. The female winner is called Susanne SVENDSEN and is also from Denmark.

Mr. Powerman Joerie VANSTEELANT
The reiterate winner Joerie VANSTEELANT (BEL) won his sixth title at POWERMAN Austria Duathlon in Weyer. The old hand started the race in his usual style and demonstrated again his great class. “It was very hot, it must have been the hottest race in Weyer I every participated in. I faced a few problems after the second split but it all went well after I drank bottle of water.”

The Dane Søren BYSTRUP gave an impressive comeback after a long pause from POWERMAN Austria. He became runner-up with a deficit of only two and a half minutes after VANSTEELANT. “I was very surprised to reach the finishing line as runner-up, I did not expect that. I am very satisfied with my today’s performance and perfectly ready for the World Championships in Zofingen.” The third place was reached, as it was last year, by the Frenchman Anthony LE DUEY with a deficit of six minutes.

SVENDSEN (DEN) again sole lead
The jubilant winner from today’s POWERMAN Austria, the Dane Susanne SVENDSEN reports her personal fight against the heath on the running track. “It was again a very hard and especially a very hot race here in Weyer. I was sweating and crying. But then I pulled myself together told me: there will be Zofingen in two weeks which will be even harder. You wanna win here, now stop crying, get a grip and run. And that’s what I did.”

Men Powerman Austria 2012
1. Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) 3:28:21
2. BystrupSøren (DEN) + 2:55
3. Le Duey Anthony (FRA) + 5:51
4. Moorhouse Matt (GBR) + 10:13
5. Nieuwkerk Wim (NED) + 12:45
6. Prungraber Karl (AUT) + 15:16
7. Hochstrasser Daniel (AUT) + 17:55
8. Vaughan David (IRL) + 20:50
9. Strothmann Dirk (GER) + 22:15
10. Tortorolo Christian (AUT) + 23:40

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Women Powerman Austria 2012
1. Svendsen Susanne (DEN) 4:09:50
2. Helfenschneider-Ofner Simone (AUT) 4:17:02
3. Eggenschwiler Petra (SUI) 4:19:06
4. Jarz Jessica (AUT) 4:24:04
5. Parsons Michelle (GBR) 4:24:06
6. Fellhofer Michaela (AUT) 4:32:58
7. Zerkhold Irene (AUT) 4:36:20
8. Dyke Helen (GBR) 4:39:23
9. Höfler Elisabeth (AUT) 4:41:39
10. Gfrei Brigitte (AUT) 4:46:28

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