Julia Viellehner wins the Powerman Austria

The winners of the POWERMAN Austria – Soren BYSTRUP (DEN) and Julia VIELLEHNER (GER)!
Today the Germany winner POWERMAN Julia Viellehner also wins the Powerman Austria in Weyer. The Dane Susanne Svendsen became seconds in Weyer precise as well as in falcon’s stone. In falcon’s stone it was weather-caused from a Duathlon a pure run more than 24 kilometers. Third with the women became in the Ennstal Simone Helfenschneider-Ofner (AUT). Behind the Dane Soren Bystrup occupied Jorie Vansteelant (BEL) the second and Andre Moser (SUI) the third place. Julia is beside the inhabitant of Munich Katrin field Ese the second woman in the élite team DTU for the POWERMAN world championship ITU which takes place in 3 weeks in Zofingen (SUI). With the men even three élite athletes go to the start around the long distance-world championship for title of the IPA and ITU. This is Michael Kopf, Michael Wetzel and Sebastian Retzlaff. The amateur’s team DTU encloses a total of 17 (You) athletes and At athletes who would like to fight for the World Titles and the medallions in the age groups. The DTU-Natioalteam of the élite and amateur sportsmen again is examined by Nobbe brown (DTU Duathlon-representative). In addition, Uwe Armbrüster is the amateur’s sportsman on site in ZOFINGEN as second team manager for the care where one says this year to the 25-th time: ‘ ten, nine, eight… three, two, one, GO!
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Text: Norbert Braun

    Winner Powerman Austria
    POWERMAN Austria Duathlon 2013 Mens
    1. BYSTRUP Søren (DEN) 3:31:58,8
    2. VANSTEELANT Joerie (BEL) 3:32:53,2
    3. MOSER André (SUI) 3:38:01,9
    4. MOORHOUSE Matt (GBR) 3:39:32,3
    5. NEYRINCK Jochen (BEL) 3:41:10,4
    6. KROPF Jürgen (AUT) 3:47:04,1
    7. WRZACZEK Stefan (AUT) 3:51:28,5
    8. PAONNE Michele (LIE) 3:52:29,3
    9. VORDERDERFLER Willi (AUT) 3:53:53,7
    10. HOENE Nico (GER) 3:56:53,5

    POWERMAN Austria Duathlon 2013 Womens
    1. VIELLEHNER Julia (GER) 4:03:50,0
    2. SVENDSEN Susanne (DEN) 4:11:07,9
    3. HELFENSCHNEIDER-OFNER Simone (AUT) 4:14:43,0
    4. EGGENSCHWILER Petra (SUI) 4:19:28,4
    5. KIESENHOFER Anna (AUT) 4:20:33,3
    6. WOLFE Amy (IRL) 4:38:15,6
    7. HOVER Nicole (AUT) 4:41:16,6
    8. SCHNEITL Gertraud (AUT) 4:41:40,4