Great View

Great view of the Powerman Germany Duathlon in falcon’s stone

One week before the event just 400 duathletes have already signed up. The sprint distance is already booked up

Important supplement!
We have resolved to admit, however, more athletes about the Powerman Light (sprint distance), around still short-determined up to Sunday a possibility add in the Duathlon highlight to take part in 2013.
The Powerman team

Finally, the many years’ efforts seem to pay off for the organizer and all the other Duathlon organizers. The sprint distance is booked up with 150 participants already at the current time. On the long distance 221. Two athletes are announced at the moment, to it some high-carat international dimensions. In addition there come 22 power kid’s Duathlon participants, this is the Duathlon younger generation who announces traditionally on site and comes from the immediate vicinity of the nice Vogtland.
In the 2005/2006 year the real idea for Duathlon DM on the long distance originated from Norbert Braun Commissioned for Duathlon, at the same time the vision, after many years without Powerman Duathlon Germany, finally, also again an international format was to be got to Germany. In 2007 it was so far, the German mastery was delivered for the first time in the long distance-Duathlon. After successful realization became the contacts with the IPA, this is attached the international Powerman Association, because the Duathlon coach and organizer Volker Hopfmann wanted more. In 2009 the first race of the Powerman Germany followed in Falkenstein. So much to the history.

A qualitatively exceptionally strong starter field announces itself, because with Joerie Vansteelant (BEL) and Andy Sutz (SUI) two strongest Duathletes of the last years are announced, both already to whole winner in falcon’s stone and world champion to the Powerman Zofingen (SUI).
In addition names full of sound from abroad like Soren Bystrup, Esben Kaczmarek and Weakly Moorhouse and with the Mrs. Susanne Svendsen. This time our Schweizer friends send a quite strong delegation to Falkenstein: beside Andy Sutz also comes Marc Widmer and Jonas Baumann (Produathlon Suisse), pard of Produathlon Germany and with the Mrs. Jacqueline Uebelhart and Maja Jacober.
The favorites for the German championship title are well-known faces, in addition are to be counted the year before winner Sebastian Retzlaff, the “Duathlon primary rocks” Dirk Strothmann and Michael Kopf, with the women the Duathlon ex-world champion and local matador Ulrike Schwalbe and inhabitant of Munich Katrin Esefeld who was twice a top Ten with the Duathlon World Championship ITU Powerman in the Swiss Zofingen in 2011 and 2012 in the DTU team with place 7 and place 10.

Already on Saturday the first highlight of the Falkensteiner Duathlon festival will be traditionally, because then the day of the Duathlon younger generation with the different laps is for the power kids. In 2013 there will be for the first time only for the power kid’s participants a free prize raffle, with some very nice prices, donated by different companies. The chief attraction: to the prize raffle the brown DTU Duathloncoach Nobbe and Ex-World Champion Uli Schwalbe are ready. Thus it is also already worthwhile of Saturday to be an active!

The closing date for the DM evaluation has already run off. Nevertheless, up to Whitsun Monday, 20th May, one can still announce himself for the Powerman On-line, then the possibility of the participation still insists on site on being present for quite “short-determined” still the last possibility, in so far as still start places are free.

Report and photo: Norbert Braun DTU-Duathlon/VH Powerman Germany