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Duathlon World Championship in Zofingen

In the race for the different age classes world title, the women of the DTU-ages-Nationalmannschft this time were very successful, as launched by seven DTU ladies brought six medals, three can now even call Duathlon World Champions: Anja Leuen Dorff from Berlin ( W 35), Irmgard Luettichen from Bitburg (W 50) and Brigitte Schneider from Westerstetten (W 55). For men, there was one each of gold, silver and bronze. World Cup champions in the M 20 was Sammy Shu from Tholey.
Elite with good results, but without medals

It was a weekend with an extremely exciting and varied race in different classes. In the elite women, there was even a fantastic new course record by the Briton Emma Pooley, who to say the record from the year 2002, the Swiss Karin Thürig write and undercutting 16 minutes. The impersonated from cycling camp Briton needed for the distance of 10 kilometers of running, 150 km cycling and the final 30 kilometers long and mountainous running total of 6:47:27 hours. Pooley was previously become Olympic silver medalist and UCI world champion cycling time trial. Julia Viellehner (Old Market) came in 7:26:11 hours to the finish and had to be just as it did two weeks ago at the Duathlon Short-EM to settle for fourth place in Weyer (AUT). A still very good overall result of our two elite starters, because the Münchnerin Katrin Esefeld finished eighth in 7:44:36 hours.

Even among men, there was with the French Gael Le Bellec, in 6:21:47 hours secured the world title, a new long distance world champion. Sebastian Retzlaff (Grenzach) and Michael Wetzel (Süßen) ran together and virtually simultaneously in 6:55:27 hours to the finish and thus occupied 11th and 12th

Congratulations to all medal winners and of course to all Zofingen finisher, because it is worth as much as a victory for the heaviest duathlon in the world for many.

Duathlon Team Germany 2014

World Championship 2014 Zofingen Duathlon Team Germany 2014

Report and photo: Nobbe Brown, DTU Duathlon Officer

he Happy World medalists


  • Anja Leuen Dorff (Berlin) 1 W 35 in 8:18:27 hours
  • Irmgard Luettichen (Bitburg) 1 W 50 in 8:39:48 hours
  • Brigitte Schneider (Westerstetten) 1 W 55 in 8:51:58 hours
  • Sammy Schu (Tholey) 1 M 20 in 7:37:53 hours


  • Gerd Fischer (Feldkirchen) 2 M 65 at 11:03:37 hours


  • Carmen cancer (Bischbrunn) 3 W 40 in 9:01:46 hours
  • Claudia Schlindwein (Winningen) 3 W 45 in 8:48:13 hours
  • Heike Steininger (Bad Wurzach) 3 of 50 W in 10:02:06 hours
  • Sebastian Bräuer (Herrliberg) 3 M 30 in 7:21:11 hours