Resullts Powerman Belgium

At two o’ clock the Powerman race in Geel started under warm conditions.
The women’s race.
In the women’s field last year’s winner Susanne Svendsen (DEN) had a tough month of training behind her and wanted to show her strength right from the start. She knew that there was a strong newcommer in the field from Ireland,Siobhan Horgan, who was famous for her strong biking as a former professional cyclist. Together with the Belgian Ilse Geldhof they formed the first group in the running section. In the third lap, After 7,5 km, they couldn’t follow Susanne Svendsen anymore and she was the first in the transition area after 39:16 min, followed by Siobhan Horgan (IRL) in 39:39 min and Ilse Geldhof (BEL) in 40:01. During the whole race these positions didn’t change and the result was Susanne Svendson first in 2:59:01 hrs, second Siobhan Horgan in 2:59:48 hrs and third the Belgian Ilse Geldhof in 3:06:23 hrs.
The men’s race.
Winner Powerman Geel
In a strong field former Worldchampion Duathlon Standard Distance and 2013 World Champion Emilio Martin proved to be the strongest in the field at the finish in Geel as well. But it was not easy! After the first ten kilometres run, Emilio Martin (ESP) came into transition area first in 31:52 min. Second was Benjamin Choquert (FR) 32:03 min and third Johan Le Berre ((FR) in 32:12 min. Former European Champion Anthony Le Duey (FR) came in transition area in 32:31 min.
On the bike there was a change of positions and after 60 km of Anthony Le Duey(FRA) came in first, closely followed by Soren Bystrup (DEN) and Emilio Martin (ESP). In a very warm Geel positions changed again and in the end Emilio Martin(ESP) gained his first Powerman victory in 2:32:41 hrs. Second came Anthony Le Duey (FR) in 2:34:25 hrs and third Soren Bystrup (DEN) in 2:36:38 hrs.

Met vriendelijke groeten/ kindest regards

John Raadschelders