German Champions 2010 ascertained

German Championship Long Distance Duathlon and Powerman Germany 2010 in Falkenstein

2010, May 31 15:05

(NB) Over the weekend overall 340 sportsmen came to Falkenstein. 303 duathletes competed against each other and the unsettled weather in Falkenstein (Vogtland/Saxony) to become German Champion of long distance duathlon and to win the Powerman Germany 2010. Furthermore, there were relays and a national fire- and policemen competition.

PowerKids Duathlon

On the warm and sunny Saturday, there were 37 PowerKids under way, 12 of them from one school alone. After the race the kids were exhausted but happy, because everyone got a nice Powerman finisher-shirt.

Powerman Germany

Like forecast, the weather was much different on Sunday. Even before the Powerman Light at 9:30 a.m. and the German Championship / Powerman it started to rain. Fortunately, there were dry periods when most of the long distance athletes (German Championship and Powerman) were on their bikes, but it restarted to rain again and again. And a strong and cold wind made the Falkenstein duathlon currently one of the toughest in Germany. Right from the start the Swiss Andy Sutz and the British Matt Moorhouse had been in the lead, among the women it boiled down to a fight of four between the favourite and local hero Uli Schwalbe (Plauen), Susanne Svendsen from Denmark, Jaqueline Uebelhart and Katrin Esefeld from Munich. In the end Uli Schwalbe (GER) commandingly won with 2 minutes before Jaqueline Uebelhart (SUI), Susanne Svendson (DEN) and Katrin Esefeld (GER). Among the men the Swiss Andy Sutz won out over Matt Moorhouse, unexpected third became Boris Stein (GER) followed by Karl Prungraber from Austria. Andy Sutz was considered to win before the start, as he had won the 2008 Powerman Zofingen (Powerman World Championship), was second place of the 2009 World Championship at the Swiss Powerman and ETU European Champion (short distance) in Budapest.

All winners Powerman Germany 2010

Ranking Powerman World Series

It was the second time the Powerman Germany took place in Falkenstein and it will return to the beautiful Vogtland at the end of May 2011. The German Championship was successfully hosted for the fourth time in a row in Falkenstein.

German Championship Long Distance Duathlon

Ulrike Schwalbe and Boris Stein are the new German Champions of the long distance duathlon (16 km – 64 km – 8 km).

Boris Stein won in 3:12,50 hrs followed by Sebastian Retzlaff (3:18,43 hrs) and Michael Wetzel (3:20,20 hrs). In the women’s race Ulrike Schwalbe won through in 3:48,57 hrs against Katrin Esefeld (3:56,59 hrs) from Munich and Christine Rausch (4:02,49 hrs).
Report Norbert Braun (DTU)

1. Ulrike Schwalbe (CLV Megware) 3:48:57
2. Katrin Esefeld (LG Mettenheim) 3:56:59
3. Christine Rausch (TSG Eppstein) 4:02:49
1. Boris Stein (RSG Montabaur) 3:12:50
2. Sebastian Retzlaff (TV Grenzach) 3:18:43
3. Michael Wetzel (AST Süßen) 3:20:20

Results International German Championship 2010


German Champions in their age groups

W 20 Hedwig Lilian
W 25 Katrin Esefeld
W 30 Ulrike Schwalbe
W 35 Marina Klemm
W 40 Christine Rausch
W 45 Claudia Hille
W 50 Marion Hoffmann
W 55 Edith Kowalski
W 65 Elisabeth Onißeit

M 20 Sebastian Küfner
M 25 Boris Stein
M 30 Harald Harnisch
M 35 Sebastian Retzlaff
M 40 Dirk Strothmann
M 45 Erik Wartenberg
M 50 Ralf Laermann
M 55 Erhard Hofmann
M 60 Klaus Hoffmann
M 65 Theo Herberger

Powerman Light

The competiton on the sprint distance was just as exciting.
Maik Werner (SG Adelsberg) and Jana Richter (LATV Plauen) won the Powerman Light.

Jana Richter rule the race from the start and won with a lead of 1 minute.
Jana Richter
Due to his consistent running and biking performances Maik Werner could win with a lead of 14 seconds, although Eric Krohn came very close with his best bikesplit. Maik Werner

1. Jana Richter (LATV Plauen) 1:14:18
2. Lisa Schubert (SV Hohnstädt) 1:15:18
3. Juliane Kummisch (Team Bela Vista) 1:23:01
1. Mike Werner (SG Adelsberg) 1:07:48
2. Eric Krohn (RC Schloßbiker Greiz) 1:08:02
3. Philipp Schröter (SC Plauen 06) 1:08:56

Results Powerman Light 2010