Counting Down

Dear athletes,

Early registration for the Powerman Germany 2010 is still possible up until Sunday, April 11, 2010. Why pay more if you don’t have to.
Participants of this year’s Powerman Germany Duathlon will again receive a premium Powerman Germany biking jersey by Craft. Powerman Germany biking jersey Participants of the other contests may buy the biking jersey for only 10,- €. Of course, every finisher will receive our coveted finisher shirt. This is only made possible because of our sponsors Craft, Intersport Hopfmann and Intersport Deutschland.
Further on we would like to announce new details and additions of the upcoming event.

  • Because of new sports order rules we shorten the 2nd Powerman Light run to 2,5 km, so all the participants don’t have to pay licence costs.
  • Registraion deadline for the German Championchip was preponed to May 21, 2010.
    Online registration stays open until May 24 though. After that, written registration including the transfer voucher is possible only to a limited extent.
  • Classifications of age groups are made according to the new DTU rules.

Please check back regularly to the Powerman Germany website for all the latest details (All information is subject to change!).

Suggestions are welcome.
Please contact us only via
We are excited and looking forward to welcome you in a few more weeks at the 2nd Powerman Germany Duathlon event on May 29 and 30, 2010.

Good preparation and best regards,
Volker Hopfmann and the organizers.